Feedback or Brickbats!

As a professional business writer for more than six years, I have worked with clients who are from different industries. While working with them, I have received many feedback or brickbats, as you would like to see them, which have helped me in my writing and understand client’s requirements. I am listing out types of clients and their expectations when they start working with a freelance professional writer,

Client Type 1: When writing a website copy, often, clients want a written form of how or what their business entails which they want to bring it out in the website. The catch here is that most of these very clients do not have a concrete idea of what exactly is their business’s USP and most of them start forming their USPs when asked direct and detailed questions to them. However, while some are really forthcoming in their answers others do not like it when they realize that they are still at their nascency in bringing structure to their vision and mission.

Client Type 2: With many startups, freelance professionals give a shape to open thoughts and ideas, funneling them into coherent saleable ideas.

Client Type 3: Many seasoned clients try to steer the content writer into thinking how they perceive their service or product and want a written eloquence of their thoughts, while that is absolutely fine it becomes annoying when they keep changing their minds and then the writer has to keep “turning the page to be on the same page”.

As a freelance professional writer, I appreciate getting feedbacks though it irritates me to edit or sometimes completely change the copy. In today’s web-oriented marketing and social media marketing era when the leads for the business comes through online marketing by pulling in people who are ‘Googling’ for a specific term or a need of business it is important that clients spend time on the content and provide necessary feedbacks which only adds quality to the copy.

A Short Story #WrittenWord

It was Friday evening at work; Sheela checked her email again before leaving for home. A new mail had come from her Manager.

Dear Sheela,

With regard to developing a new team for launching a new retail segment for ladies wear you are being considered. If all goes well, you might have to move to Mumbai to take charge.
All the Best!

Anurag Kumar

Sheela was speechless; there were so many questions which came to her mind. How would her parents take this information, whether she was ready to move to Mumbai leaving her family here in Chennai. Her phone rang; Rohit, her husband, and she were going to her parent’s home to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Throughout the dinner and all the time when they were at her parent’s home, Sheela was distracted. After finishing her dinner she went to wash her hands on the basin and turned towards the tap and the next moment, everything was dark. Reena, her sister, was carrying a cake with a candle and started singing “Congratulations and celebrations… ”

Sheela turned towards her husband who was beaming with pride. At that moment Sheela knew that Rohit, who also worked in his office, had called up the family to tell them about her promotion at work.




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Aaloo! #AtoZChallenge

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