What a Day it Was


I got up early as my stomach was churning with nervousness. I wasn’t sure if the crowd inside my house was gathered to celebrate meeting family after such a long time or was it to witness my special day.

I was still uncertain if the day was going to become a special day or will it turn out to be uproar. I waited as the ladies from the groom’s house were expected to come and dress me up. Bound by tradition, I waited patiently and nervously. They finally came and helped me dress up in a sari, make-up, and some composure.

The photographers were called in to click the pictures of a dressed-up bride. A moment of quiet and a heartfelt prayer by my parents; everyone was ready to take me to the Church. I sighed and let some air go inside my lungs. Swept inside the car I sat with my wedding galore and the beautiful veil. I had the company of my would-be new family, but I searched outside the window for reassurance from my family.  Comforting smiles and hurried “see you at the church” were all that my brother and mother could squeeze in.

At the church, my groom was suited, beige and all. He peeped inside and searched my eyes and smiled. I returned an unsure smile. Walking down the aisle, I recollected the time when I had first thought of marriage, ring and the vow.

The priest blessed our joined hands, as I said my wedding vows, “Till Death Do Us Apart”, I whispered to myself, it is going to be a long journey. Life till date had taught me patience; I was a little apprehensive about the number of things I will learn in my marriage.

Ushered with blessings and love, Him and I stepped daintily into a new journey of life.One and a half years later I reflect on the emotional roller-coaster;

What a Day It was.


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A Desire

I want a daughter
Full of smiles or of cries
With curly waves or straight hair
To pamper and love
To pander to her wants
Or withhold her demands

I want a daughter
To teach her to be strong and fair
Who will clutch onto her Dada’s hand
And will make him a gooey bundle of charm
I want a daughter
Because she will teach me to be a mother.


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20 Things That Make Me Smile

  1. Rains
  2. My pet dog, who is at my parents home and greets me with much excitement when I go home.
  3. Videos of children and their antics, btw I never fail to think how cool are their parents to have made a video and uploaded on the internet.
  4. Having tea in the evening sitting on my verandah.
  5. Having leg-pulling sessions with my brother.
  6. When my parents laugh.
  7. Technology because I can reach out to people even at remote locations.
  8. Having long chats at no or very cheap rates with my best friends using technology.
  9. My nephew and niece and their cute, stupid and innocent questions.
  10. When the husband wants to be adventurous and registers us in a fun bicycle race where he has to ride the cycle with me as his pillion.
  11. Happy Birthday messages and calls from friends who remember the day, even when it is not there on my Facebook page.
  12. Online Blog challenges like #DailyChatter by @blogchatter which has helped me push my writing.
  13. Making a joke which makes people around me laugh.
  14. Recollections of a happy moment with family or friends.
  15. When I can make a valid point and contribute to a friend professionally.
  16. A new website which gives information about how to increase my blog traffic
  17. When I publish a new blog post.
  18. Having successfully tried a new recipe.
  19. And it even tastes good 😉
  20. Pandas

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I am participating in #DailyChatter #UBC by @blogchatter