20 Things That Make Me Smile

  1. Rains
  2. My pet dog, who is at my parents home and greets me with much excitement when I go home.
  3. Videos of children and their antics, btw I never fail to think how cool are their parents to have made a video and uploaded on the internet.
  4. Having tea in the evening sitting on my verandah.
  5. Having leg-pulling sessions with my brother.
  6. When my parents laugh.
  7. Technology because I can reach out to people even at remote locations.
  8. Having long chats at no or very cheap rates with my best friends using technology.
  9. My nephew and niece and their cute, stupid and innocent questions.
  10. When the husband wants to be adventurous and registers us in a fun bicycle race where he has to ride the cycle with me as his pillion.
  11. Happy Birthday messages and calls from friends who remember the day, even when it is not there on my Facebook page.
  12. Online Blog challenges like #DailyChatter by @blogchatter which has helped me push my writing.
  13. Making a joke which makes people around me laugh.
  14. Recollections of a happy moment with family or friends.
  15. When I can make a valid point and contribute to a friend professionally.
  16. A new website which gives information about how to increase my blog traffic
  17. When I publish a new blog post.
  18. Having successfully tried a new recipe.
  19. And it even tastes good 😉
  20. Pandas

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Eyeroll Moments when you are single #StillSingle

When you are growing old or precisely reaching the big 3 0 there’s already enough on the platter. And you seriously can do without the constant prodding of your parents and relative about marriage and being single and aging and marriage and single and aging and…over and over again. I quickly jotted down few of my eye roll moments while I was traveling today to my work.

  1. You are getting old: The primary point that your parents want to drive in all the time when you reaching 30 and still single.
  2. Your cousin who are younger to you already has a kid: This is the second most favorite point they like pushing. Okay so? I had better priorities in life apart from hunting a guy to get married and get settled even before I was 25!
  3. Everybody in your friend circle is married now: Lucky them, they found a soul mate earlier than me. Finding the best takes time. Patience!
  4. If you don’t respond to alliances now, you’d get guys who are younger to you: Very surprising but this is one redundant reason which parents use while haggling for marriage.
  5. You would get lonely once all your friends would get busy with their kids. Thankfully these same friends are very interested to maintain a life apart from their marriage and children.

Now that I am going to get married soon there has been a break before there would be another set of those parental pressures to deal with. Ah! Got an idea for a blog on the moments of parental pressures, drama and more on Before marriage and After marriage.

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Humare Zamaane Mein….

Every post is triggered by an itch. To answer the question what poked me to write this post, it was the new Titan Eye wear advertisement featuring Ayub Khan. I am really happy for his transition from “Chehra kya dekhte ho…to the role where he bashes up Aamir in DCH to the affectionate father in Uttaran to the cute adorable dad to a Gen Y or is she Gen Z? I am amazed at his longevity as an actor because after his debut movie none of his other movie was a hit, I think. I am guilty of having a really teeny tiny crush on him when I saw “Salami”, those not aware it was his debut movie back in the 90s.

In the advertisement the Dad when taken to Titan eye showroom asks his daughter to pay the bill out of her pocket money. Yes the advertisement was with regard to the rate cut or sale season of Titan but it left me gaping that a range which ranged between 995-1450 odds was affordable within the pocket money of a teenage girl! I concluded she should be getting at least one grand to afford the sale! Made me remind of my days when Rs 50 was my pocket money and never was it a monthly occurrence. I never had a monthly allowance as such; such occasional generosity exhibited by my parents depended a lot on my grades or my good luck.

One thing led to the other and I got started thinking how I grew up and what was it growing up in the 90s and I got to the over used phrase “Humare zamaane mein”. Ideally it is not even the first post on the memoirs of the truly “Liberated Generation” (Amul does a much better job). We were “the” generation when Dr. Manmohan Singh, who may have been still as battered as now, though as a Finance Minister then, must have gotten a lot of flak from the Opposition just as now, had opened up the Indian Economy in 1991. Hail Manmohan! We got Pepsi! I preferred Pepsi inspite of our Swadeshi Gold Spot, Fancy-name Coke, Thundering ThumsUp, Something Citra, Fido’s 7Up simply because I had fallen in love with ShahRukh. When the poster read “Come Fall in Love…” in DDLJ, Kajol was the most enviable Dulhan who was helped by his Dilwale into a running train. *sigh* Epitome of Romantic Moments.

What else? That was the time when Akshay Kumar jumped from one lady to another and kept on singing “Yehi Hai Right Choice Baby, Aha!”. I am secretly associated with one of his lady love..Trying to decode it? I’ll help… According to “Six Degrees of Separation” I went to the X college where I majored in Economics under the same HOD where one of Akki’s (nicknamed by media in 90s) girlfriend had studied. Q.E.D. The 90s was the time when being a model actually meant the person was Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. For example, Arjun Rampal, Mehr Jesia, Madhu Sapre, Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Marc Robinson and they truly were seen as a cut above the Bollywood actors/ actresses. For some reason even though the Bollywood brigade used to be more visible they dressed quite atrociously! Thank God that Manish Malhotra re-invented Urmila and did a karishma over KariZma (numerology was such a big hit back then) for Aamir Khan in Rangeela and Raja Hindustani respectively.

Cable TV was called dish TV, Zee TV claimed the highest viewership with Saap Seedhi being “Reality TV”! Close Up was cool because it was colorful, gel and electrifying. My elder cousins used to use the gel toothpaste which used to make my brother and I go Wow! And how can I forget that the doomsday used to be the year 2000! It did not help much that Y2K was issued as a Global Warning; and the US Dollar used to be revered as nothing less than a memento. That bit hasn’t changed much but at least we have been established as a “Market” cause back then our population was seen as a liability. Mobile phones used to be bulky but before that the pager was very briefly introduced. The pager’s shelf life was so small that in retrospect it feels like it was more of a prototype for the cell phone than a product in itself.

Suddenly I realize it is August, and Independence Day is next week. When I was growing up 15th August used to be so huge. Though thankfully our school never made it compulsory to attend the flag hoisting and I enjoyed the day as a holiday my father would never let me forget the significance of the day. Even though switching on the television before 9 PM was strictly prohibited on regular days my father used to make an exception on the eve of Independence Day to hear to the President’s address to the Nation. The day still remains a “Red Letter” day but the awesomeness about  it is fast depleting and I am guilty as charged.

These are some things which I recalled when I started writing today and I am surprised that towards the end it became quite solemn, not intended. Guess I went with the flow, I did put it somewhere above – one thing led to the other. Started with the Titan ad and finishing on an Independence day note.
90s was great but Y2K gave me a new love song to sing, “Kaho na Pyaar Hai….” and a new heartthrob to drool over.. Ye “nayi” story some other time.. 🙂