Park Benches have been always a cute prop in all love stories.

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I had my beautiful moment too on 30th December 2013.



I will dedicate this post to the many sandwiched people who most of the time or almost all the time are the third wheel. While all is superb when the couple is going hunky dory but when they are fighting and you are held between them as the umpire, take my advice and tread extra carefully. Remember the proverb “Think before you speak”? In such cases you should “Think doubly before you speak”. Because let’s not forget no matter what your relationship status might be with either one of them, for “The Couple” they are the only ones for each other very much like the “Ek Duje Ke Liye” theme. Barring a one in the magnitude not many would remember that whatever you were saying when they were having the argument was you just being objective. So my best advice would be to keep mum and trust in yourself that you had chosen rational people as your friends.

So here it was, I was enjoying myself watching a movie with two of my friends, the girl too was enjoying (thankfully no interdependency of fun between them). I reckon the guy was enjoying andar se coz bahar se he was gussa over one of the many things which make a couple have a fight. The problem with “couple fight” is that if it is not resolved faster it takes the shape of the “trickle over” effect and the content out pouring is, mood. Hence what was a great day was turning out to be sourly to top it all I was caught between the two.

The good or the bad situation is when you are done “acting” sourly, I mean it was an IPL night and KKR was winning after 5 years of them being part of it and never having come in the first 4 teams of the league. I started with poking both of them into laughing at my attempts at joke so that at least some where they might get over their “Never the twain shall meet” look on their faces. After like 2 hours of persuasion and taking sides alternatively and in between made to involuntarily put onto a highly controversial position of an umpire not to forget quoting from Bible, they relented. Sigh!!! When the girl cried I did too, while hers were the customary girlfriend-crying-after-fight type mine was in relief!!

The best part after the whole thing was a quick trip to Baskin and Robbins and a relishing family sundae. I had earned it, I’d say! So, as the love story got back to its track and a little bit of PDA was going on, the arbitrator – Me, just got to say to myself thank God I managed to get out of it without a scratch. 😉