4 Websites for A Homemaker

As a stay-at-home wife who works from home, most of my days revolve around getting food on that table, do the daily household chores and manage my freelance content writing. In between there are days when I want to laze around and browse websites which give me the best solution for my needs. I am sharing five websites which I frequently visit to get some ideas and a bit of motivation.
1. DIY Projects – I am really a fan of these DIY projects and ideas. There are many simple DIY ideas for your home decorations, getting a new hobby or just a better way at doing a particular thing, like for example, using the empty cold drink bottles as containers. I found many more simple DIY projects in Good Housekeeping and Lifehacker.
2. Recipes and Cooking – On days when I feel fancy and when the husband has had enough of the same old routine daal, chaawal and sabji I look up for some interesting and easy recipes. Whether it is a north-indian, south-indian, snacks or desserts you can get great recipes from Simple Indian recipes, All recipes, NDTV Food.Read More »


Being Healthy : Diet and Honey

Owing to our lifestyle, changing eating habits, sleeping patterns obesity and overweight are common problems. Alternatively, there are also a considerable number of people who are over-cautious in watching what they eat. The solution lies in attaining a balanced approach towards a healthy diet.

Being a woman, and having gone through adolescence, I can empathize with girls who are growing up and like to have a svelte figure like the glamorous actresses. However to maintain a slim body going on a crash diet or keeping away from certain foods does more harm than good. Following are few points in this debate of “eating healthy to live healthy”

Needs of a growing body

Everybody has a different diet need. Growing up children and teens need not control their carbohydrates intake much as a perfectly normal person would be able to digest the same and these are essential nutrients for a healthy growth of body and mind. Refraining from having carbohydrates just because it adds weight is not correct. Crash dieting to bring down your weight worsens the situation for your body; your body will start accumulating more fat when you are done with your dieting.

Eating healthy

Eating healthy is having a balanced diet which includes rice, roti, dal, vegetables, green leaves. Meat and poultry eaten once or twice a week gives the necessary nutrient content. Based on some sickness, such as high cholesterol, diabetes or hyper tension, relevant changes to the food habit is required to stay healthy.

Eat for the Future

Whatever you eat today has its effect after 10-15 years. A kid who is fed with a balanced diet during his formative years will be healthier, stronger and with good immunity down the years. Keeping that in mind, always feed yourself for the future needs of your body.

Honey Diet – A Healthy alternative

Apart from having a balanced diet, include Dabur Honey in your daily food as a healthy alternative to sweeteners.

Use honey instead of sugar in your juices, milkshakes etc to sweeten your drinks. Having warm lemon juice with honey first thing in the morning invigorates your metabolism, thus keeping your fit. Follow it up with a chapatti with honey or a bowl of cornflakes with honey for breakfast. You can plan out more healthy diet with honey according to your age, gender and lifestyle here.

Honey can also be added to green tea, which is a very healthy drink that helps in detoxification of the body.