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You get grateful for living a privileged life when you watch a movie based on true events of “groom kidnapping” and forced marriage. Arranged marriage has a totally different and brutal emotional connotation in places where groom kidnapping occur. Antardwand is a story based in a village in Bihar. The plot revolves around an aspiring IAS candidate, who gets abducted by a local strongman wanting to get his daughter married.

After been forcibly married under the influence of alcohol and threats to a rural girl the protagonist sees himself in a distressing situation. He is held captive in the girl’s house where he is constantly struggling to be honorable with his new bride; and comes clean about having a pregnant girlfriend who was unaware of his current whereabouts and status. While the men of the household are awaiting the boy to consummate the marriage, the mother and sister-in-law (bhabhi) empathize with the girl. The women do not have a voice in any matter and spend most of the time cooking. The boy is again forcefully made to drink and goaded about his masculinity leading to him raping his bride and impregnating her.Read More »