Aaloo! #AtoZChallenge

Aaloo or Potato was one of my favorite vegetables while I was growing up. I have had versions of potatoes in the form of aaloo bhujia (a very traditional method of frying the potatoes with onions in the oil), French fries, aaloo bhurta (a version of the mashed potatoes), aaloo paratha, potatoes cooked with any vegetable, and so many more to add to the list of food preparations that one can make using potatoes.

My mother used to pack parathas and aaloo bhujia in my school lunch box on many days. The obsession children have with potatoes seemed quite universal as I remember many of my classmates used to bring a dish made with potato as one of the main ingredients in their lunch boxes too.

And how could I forget the masala dosa which was such a delicacy for us students when we were growing up. There was an Anna who used to sell the most awesome masala dosa in our school premises. He had a thela, a push cart, which he was allowed to bring inside the premises to sell idlis and dosas. For me, till date, his masala dosa is the benchmark for the tastiest dosas and the yummiest masala, mashed potatoes spiced with condiments, which I have ever had in my life. Mind It! Also, had it not been for the spiced mashed potato in the vada, the iconic Vada Pav, I accept I am totally biased, would not have reached its acclaimed status.

At home, on days when I like to experiment in the kitchen, I dig out from my food experiences and try out some recipes. One such evening, for a quick snacker, I had made prawn cutlets at home and I had used potato also as an ingredient for the cutlets.

The husband is not very fond of potato, but I reckon I am turning him into a potato-lover with my versions of aaloo bhujia, aaloo bhurta and the aforementioned prawn cutlet. Life has come a full circle, just like a potato chip.


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