My #UBC Induced Blogging Experience

I had always wanted to blog regularly. I had tried subscribing to websites which sent Prompts for writing a blog, also stay motivated with registering with writing groups. But most of the time I started a post on a day or two then due to lack of ideas I would just give up.


Writing alone definitely needs a lot of determination and discipline. It is one thing to realize my own weakness but it is totally different to find solutions for it. Registering for the Ultimate Blogging Challenge by Blogchatter was a half-hearted step towards finding a way to regularize my blogging and to stay motivated to write.

I had participated in few chat sessions by Blogchatter and I was very enthused by the active participation of the members during the chat. I put an alert for Bloghatter tweets and I decided that I would like to be an active member even if just through the blogging.


I started the UBC with a fair regularity until the Pujas and the vacations came. I started feeling guilty for each day that I missed out on posting a blog.

I have not been able to write 31 blog posts but I am glad that I had signed up for the challenge because I have never been able to publish as many posts in one month! I am looking at this tiny milestone as a start of many things. I even won a beautiful journal by @rangroute. Yay!!!



Few other takeaways from the challenge were,

  • I wrote poetry after a long time.
  • I learned to focus on writing, finding pictures and posting a blog in a given time as opposed to getting distracted by too much social media.
  • Was accountable to the Blogchatter community, though it is totally a personal choice.
  • Got suggestions such as creative collaborations with fellow bloggers, which I was not aware.



I am participating in #DailyChatter #UBC by @blogchatter


6 thoughts on “My #UBC Induced Blogging Experience

  1. Welcome to our community.
    I can understand your feelings to be a part of this campaign as few months back I was in the same situation, this is my second campaign.
    At you have participated that’s a big + point πŸ™‚


  2. agreed daily blogging is quite tough challenge to take on but the main motto is that we should do blogging regulary its good for our blog & reading is must


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