Her smile is frail

Her eyes do not crinkle at the corners

No toothy grin

She has a calmness and poise in the way

she lifts her daughter and kisses her cheeks


It has been three years, two months and a day

Counting every hour that she has maintained her poise

And let her weary heart weep only in the engulfing loneliness of the day

When her daughter is not calling out to her

Or coercing her to play house


She was angry and lost

Because never had she imagined her life without

Reha’s dad and her love

Often she ponders and wonders;

Whether to mourn the day that she came to know about Her Martyr



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12 thoughts on “Frail

  1. Emotional words that stir the heart. An innocent child doesn’t know that she would not be able to speak to her Papa guarding our border and a wife waiting in anticipation. It’s the reality.


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