Why should you write a #journal?


Writing a Journal is a Catharsis For Oneself

Journal writing is almost like a meditation for a happy self and a necessary reboot for mental health. A journal is a place where you can write down your dreams and goals as well as release your negative feelings, hurt or disappointments. This helps you have a realistic picture of your life and helps you realize your dreams and aspirations

Writing a Journal Leads to Self-Discovery

You can discover yourself by writing a journal. When you are writing a journal, you formulate words that describe your emotion pertaining to anything- whether a situation, person or a thing. Self-discovery is vital in keep things in perspective regarding your life to become a strong individual.

Journal is a Written Account of Your Mind

Situations, opinions, people who we are surrounded with, and current trends shape our mind. A journal is a written account of our frame of mind at that particular time or moment of our lives. When I read anything that I had written a while ago, it gives me an insight into my mind when the piece was written, such as the language, the vocabulary, the matter etc. Here’s a peak into my restless moments before I got married.

Journal is Your Life’s Yardstick

Journals are filled with memoirs, moments of truth, happiness, sadness and growing up. When we re-visit the pages of the journal and read especially the tough times, it helps us to recollect all those moments and reflects on how much we have matured and learned from that experience. Also, nothing can make us as motivated than when we read about our achievements and successes.

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