Gratitude is the Best Attitude


There are many months which are of significance to many because of varied reasons. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Scholastic months, School holidays, Festival Months etc.

August has never been of any significance till now. All I remembered of August were the rains and the filled-up drains after that, for many years. Until I got married rather I met my husband. He is born on the 30th of August. So, apart from making an addition to my growing list of birthdays to remember I have never enjoyed living August if you get what I mean…??!! Clueless?

What I mean is that August is Boring! It is in the middle of the year where we are are going nowhere. The taxes are done, children in school, no major festivities. Nothing.

However, this August I had a lot to be thankful about.

Two months back I had fractured my left forearm. After a misjudgment about the treatment, I had to stay in a plaster for 4 weeks. When the X-Ray of the forearm on the 4th week showed that my bones had not joined I had to undergo a surgery where the doctors put a metal plate and a surgical procedure of bone grafting was done. This was in early July. Though the stitches were out after two weeks of the operation, and due to the plaster on my arm before that, I could not type on the keyboard and had to stop my work for more than two months. August was the month when I started working again. It was such a relief to type as opposed to the time when I was not able to – my fingers were stuck cause of it being in a plaster bandage. I was grateful.

A Walk to Remember. A holiday is well spent when you start the day with a walk outdoors. A Sunday morning my husband and I took a walk near the hills and the wilderness outside our government colony. It was a special Sunday morning. Every time we take a long drive, I am reminded of Ruskin Bond’s stories where the setting would most likely be a hill station; and in my case a small town, in a government colony amidst nature and surrounded by hills.

Birthday. Lastly, I cherish August as the month of my husband’s birthday. Not the one to be very excited about his birthday, I enjoy squirming out a birthday celebration out of him. No, I never surprise him because I get too glee about it. I kept reminding him a day before, that his birthday is on the next day! Wished him early in the morning with bouts of love and happiness. And threw a tantrum in the evening when he said he didn’t want to do anything on his birthday. Quite indulgent that he is towards tantrums (Ahem), we went out for a dinner.

Most of our days are so well spent routine and busy that when I sat down to write this post on gratitude I was so thankful that it gave me an opportunity to count my blessings.

Linking this post to Vidya’s Gratitude Circle Blog hop for August 2016.



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