4 Websites for A Homemaker

As a stay-at-home wife who works from home, most of my days revolve around getting food on that table, do the daily household chores and manage my freelance content writing. In between there are days when I want to laze around and browse websites which give me the best solution for my needs. I am sharing five websites which I frequently visit to get some ideas and a bit of motivation.
1. DIY Projects – I am really a fan of these DIY projects and ideas. There are many simple DIY ideas for your home decorations, getting a new hobby or just a better way at doing a particular thing, like for example, using the empty cold drink bottles as containers. I found many more simple DIY projects in Good Housekeeping and Lifehacker.
2. Recipes and Cooking – On days when I feel fancy and when the husband has had enough of the same old routine daal, chaawal and sabji I look up for some interesting and easy recipes. Whether it is a north-indian, south-indian, snacks or desserts you can get great recipes from Simple Indian recipes, All recipes, NDTV Food.
3. Housekeeping – Being a housewife is no mean task and managing the house while keeping it clean takes a lot of effort. While a lot of tips and tricks have been passed on by my mother and my mother-in-law, the internet is full of life saving tips for grating that greasy mess out of the top or even the best way to fold the towels. Check out for more such tips in Tip Nut, Lifehacker.
4. Fitness – A healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. I regularly search for ways to keep myself fit. Sometimes I take a brisk 30-minutes walk, on other days I do some exercise. I was introduced to Fitness Blender by my best friend and I would suggest anybody who wants to stay fit but is low on motivation to follow the website. They have variety of exercise routines for beginners, busy people and also for people who want to do high intensive exercises.
5. Beauty – Beauty tips, makeup, homemade facials or any such wish to indulge yourself and the most vain needs of being a woman, you can view YouTube websites of Nykaa and StyleCraze Beauty.