5 Things that I learnt #LifeLessons

There are many things in life that we figure out through our interactions with people and what life throws at us. My list of things that I figured out till date are:

  1. Listen instead of hearing – Hearing is receiving the sound vibrations but listening entails using body’s other senses and processing the information. It reaps many benefits. Better communicating starts when you listen to what people are trying to convey when they are talking to you. “Listening is a method of passive learning.” (Tweet this)
  2. Observe as opposed to seeing – Many a time children observe more than adults. We are so caught about the routine and daily chores that we stop observing. Observing how your kid does something teaches you more about their character than what he/she can ever tell aloud to you. When at work, you can learn much from an experienced professional in your team or your manager in the way he goes about his task. I contribute a lot of my skills on MS Office to observing my manager who was such an expert with the tool and he used to follow the method of on-the-job training.
  3. Act it out instead of preaching – I have a friend who once was so much in awe of a preacher who came down of the podium to pick up a chocolate wrapper lying on the floor without so much as stopping in his speech. Apart from the ability to show character, it is a much more likeable quality in a person than when he/she is preaching about the same.
  4. Learn instead of complaining about situations – Cribbing about a problem is much easier than learning from the experience. Learn to take any negative situation in your stride and learn from the mistakes. Experiencing alternate situations in life teaches many life lessons and makes a person patient.
  5. Empathize instead of judging – Somehow our lives have become so selfish and about “Me” that we have stopped empathizing with a person’s situation, instead we start judging and making fun of a person’s situation or the way a person is. “Method Acting for an actor would not be possible without empathizing.” (Tweet this)

Every day teaches a new experience but only when one is acceptable to teachings of life, can one give meaning to their life and define a purpose for their living.

If you have something to share about your life teachings, share it in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “5 Things that I learnt #LifeLessons

  1. What a great list full of wisdom, Rashmi. I got a lot out of reading it. Thanks for the reminders. You are so wise to figure this out by 30. Many people are older than that and still haven’t figured it out.


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