When the World Cup had started, all seemed dull and lack luster with the Indian team which was selected to defend the cup. There were opinions about the selected team and their inexperience; only four members of the current squad – Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina and Ravi Ashwin – have had the experience of playing in a World Cup. Then there was a big hue and cry over dropping Sehwag, Gambhir and Yuvraj.

Amidst this came the drumroll of #Won’tGiveItBack. I wonder who had believed that the Indian team could have lived up-to this motto, until now. I for one was amongst those being cynical about the #Won’tGiveItBack hashtag and was hoping that if India managed to win against Pakistan, probably it wouldn’t get them a bad reception at home. For an anti-Pakistan nation (ahem, cricket-wise), the media and the BJP-powered nation would have forgiven them if they would have defeated their archrival.

But Phew!! Who would have thought that by the time this seemingly luck-less team, who had a disappointing end in the tri-series before World Cup, would have had us counting the number of consecutive wins and number of times the bowlers had bowled-out their opponents.  The team has convincingly swum into a Semi Final berth in the tournament.

It has been phenomenal how the Indian team rose up the tag of “Defending Champions”.


Like the last world cup when the country was chanting “Bleed Blue” we as a country of over-pompous-cricket-fanatic nation have risen up-to the occasion of #Won’tGiveItBack.

Thank you Team India for this moment! All the best for the Semi-Finals and the Finals (keeping fingers crossed).


Credits: images via ICC


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