Eyeroll Moments when you are single #StillSingle

When you are growing old or precisely reaching the big 3 0 there’s already enough on the platter. And you seriously can do without the constant prodding of your parents and relative about marriage and being single and aging and marriage and single and aging and…over and over again. I quickly jotted down few of my eye roll moments while I was traveling today to my work.

  1. You are getting old: The primary point that your parents want to drive in all the time when you reaching 30 and still single.
  2. Your cousin who are younger to you already has a kid: This is the second most favorite point they like pushing. Okay so? I had better priorities in life apart from hunting a guy to get married and get settled even before I was 25!
  3. Everybody in your friend circle is married now: Lucky them, they found a soul mate earlier than me. Finding the best takes time. Patience!
  4. If you don’t respond to alliances now, you’d get guys who are younger to you: Very surprising but this is one redundant reason which parents use while haggling for marriage.
  5. You would get lonely once all your friends would get busy with their kids. Thankfully these same friends are very interested to maintain a life apart from their marriage and children.

Now that I am going to get married soon there has been a break before there would be another set of those parental pressures to deal with. Ah! Got an idea for a blog on the moments of parental pressures, drama and more on Before marriage and After marriage.

Credits: gif via tumblr