No One Dresses-up To Get Raped and Other Nonsense…

As I was dressing up rather dressing down for a Friday at office, I got wondering on the idea that women bring rape upon themselves for dressing the way they do. So for all those men and sometimes women too (yes, there are few too many in this category) I dress up for the mirror and my eyes. Dressing up smart or well I think is a prerogative of any living being and I repeat “any”.

While yes I do agree to the point that there is a dress for every occasion. If a woman dresses for a discotheque or a club because she happens to be visiting one, she is not calling for attention. I think the ambience or the mood inside a club is upped enough for if a woman wants it she wouldn’t mind walking up to you to get herself introduced if she does want your attention. So all you losers and leaches who had been eyeing “her” all through the night yet say “she” was asking for it, just keep your filth inside yourself because there is where it belongs – inside the garbage.

Then again time which is becoming a factor for all the rage against women out at odd hours. Forgive me if I think the Women who are out at late hours get raped theory brings associations of fabled tales of werewolves and vampires patrolling the city “after dark”. The contention here is that it is them (probable rapists) who have the “after dark” syndrome not us. At times when women work equal hours as men why should it be a rare sight that one of us is returning home late? And what about the times when a woman is actually accompanied by a companion? What is your God damn concern whether he is a friend, a boyfriend or a colleague? You howl, tease, whistle and make cheap comments… And then you say “I was calling for attention!”

Please take it that you really do not deserve the time, importance or my attention even for a moment if you have ever made me uncomfortable.  I feel extremely sorry for the women who have long tolerated your attention just because you have been a son, husband or a brother to her. But isn’t it time that you return the love along with dollops of respect to the community at large and to these very women who refuse to see the evil in you? How else can you justify when you read about when a mother refuses to comment on fathers raping their daughters or their sons molesting innocent girls? Instead you threaten her further of ever crossing the lakshman rekha and want to keep her tied to the Bharat where not even one-fourth of the actual cases of women harassment, molestations are reported.

Too much has been said by the leaders and the politicians of the country and a lot of things have been comprehended by their regressive and insane comments on women and modernity. Being a traditionalist or a modernist has nothing to do with the way you perceive women. High time you “dress up” your mind to suit “civilized behaviour”.


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