Hands Full..yet there is space for more!!

A very clichéd thought but I wish I was young and the only decisions that I had to make were to opt for a chocolate over a vanilla flavored ice cream. Nowadays even the aforementioned flavors cannot be taken at face value as being flavors of the ice-cream. A chat with my best friend left me reminiscing of the times when it used to be so easy to meet up. Either one of us would visit the other anytime-we are practically one family. The chat that we had was an online one but it has been so difficult to fix up on a time to meet online! Nevertheless it has always been easy talking about any of our favorite topics or growing up. Recently we have been discussing babies and marriage the case as impending for her and me respectively.

Midway we got wondering how it had been when we were growing up. Being the best of friends since childhood gives an advantage as there is nothing the other one has not known about the other. Tia (as she is virtually known) and I go back to the time when she used to chase me during lunch breaks in our kindergarten classes. We never knew the term “best friends” then. I remember that it was an essay topic given to us when we were in second grade but we have been “best friends” since our first memory of us being together. Our discussion topics have loomed from “why parents don’t understand us” to first crushes to “FRIENDS” to many…

When she got married early last year I had wondered if the “now I am married and don’t have time for friends” phenomenon would befall upon her. I had shared my apprehensions regarding this to her. And very beautifully she said that it doesn’t change much except that she would be married. I admire her and people like her who always keeps aside a time for themselves, who never forget the old when something new beckons. For them any new experience or beginning are just part of life. I believe marriage is just a part of life, not life. While it is the most important decision that one has to take and deserves utmost reverence, it should not however rule the way we look at life and live after we get married.

What Tia had said then, has become her way of life. She has managed to space out her life to make time for her husband, her in-laws while continuing to be the closest friend to all her friends, mind you it is no easy task as her in-laws live with them. With a job, a blog, and extended family she still manages to get time for me. And there has been never a day when her husband has felt that she demands to have her “own life”. Simply Amazing!! All of “us” are part of her life.

I hope that I would be like her when I would feel my hands are full – marriage or no marriage.


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  1. absolutely speechless 🙂 to say thnks wuld be inappropriate ryt ? 🙂 so here’s a hug!n lots of lov straight from the core of my heart!…
    keep writing…ur skill is emerging dheere dheere! 🙂


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