Learn, Do and Teach

This is a small game that you can play with your church members or at Sunday school.

Requirements: People
No: 10-20

Tell everybody to follow whatever you do and ‘not’ what you say. Do some small actions. For example: Rubbing your nose, Brushing your teeth, Click your fingers, Scratch you head and the like. Before you start doing one action say it aloud to everybody so that they can also hear and do it. Do all the four actions one after another or mix it up; I’ll leave it to you. Just when you think everybody is following whatever you are doing, say something and do something else. For example: Say aloud “Rub your nose” but brush your fingers. There will be many who would have followed what you are doing instead of doing what you had said.


Whatever we see we remember more strongly and develop strong associations with it. Here too even when at the beginning itself the leader says that the followers had to do what he said not did many followed what action he did rather than said. In the same manner what we do, how we behave with everybody is an association for others with us.