The First time: “I Do”

Marriages are beautiful – the beginning, the process, the gathering, the rituals et all.
As a spectator it is enthralling to see so many colors, loud chaos, and relatives getting together. 2007 was a year when many of my cousins got married-they were a batch of them who belonged to the same age group. I remember the first half of the year moving on so fast due to the preparations, deciding upon the dates so that majority of the family can attend, pondering over what dress to wear and then shopping for them. For a non shopping person like me, who likes to shop and pick up things spontaneously, the planned outing to shop for wedding clothes never works out. I ended up picking something to please my cousin and get her to finish shopping who practices “leave the shop and get into the other until you drop dead shopping”. Ultimately I wore what my mom had picked up; she does have an eye for contemporary Indian wear, which I appreciate.

During my under graduation days I could not attend any of my family ceremonies, mostly due to exam dates falling on days when all wanted to get together. My cousin’ marriage being the first that I attended after many years, almost all of my paternal and maternal family who saw me kept on gushing about how grown up I was, the regular grumblings about me being so thin amidst which never forgetting to remind me that I’d be soon getting married too.

Grown up and attending family marriages are so much fun especially the dressing up, getting all and some new attention. The consequences of which was getting a marriage proposal from my bro-in-law’s extended family even before the couple had finished saying “I Do”! Thanks to my diplomatic cousin who stalled the marriage by a year, last counted it has been three years since her marriage and I am still not hitched!!

Being close to my cousin meant I had to be there even before everyone else joined the family. So there I was, duty bound, to-be-bride’s sister taking her to beauty parlour trips, listening to her love story the nth time and sometimes dealing with her emotional side too, which I thank God were few. I guess getting married to someone you’ve known and loved for so long helps and having a good rapport with the in-laws is a bonus. There was hardly a time when she was not smiling.

My memory of my cousin’s marriage is of her smiling all through the time when she was standing next to her long time boyfriend turned amazing husband. And knowing my brother in law for such a long time I knew he was happy and contended in his own lazy sort of way.

Points taken
1. Get used to the “you are next” comment
2. Keep on smiling for the photographers and video graphers
3. Learnt to carry a sari for an entire day
4. Learnt the easy banter and teasing, a mandatory activity during marriages




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